Wednesday, December 2, 2015

To My Congressman: Choose Compassion Over Fear

Congressman Dold,

I respectfully disagree with your position on the issue of Syrian refugees and HR 4038.

We already have screening processes for immigrants and refugees. By refusing to help the refugees from Syria to escape the terror that is taking place there you are giving the terrorists exactly what they want. Your vote on that reprehensible resolution helps to reinforce in the minds of both the American people and those abroad that we favor an "us vs them" position. The American people are "us" and the Syrians being tortured and killed and hoping to escape are "them." We are willing to allow "them" to die by the thousands if there is even the chance of a possible threat to some of "us." That is the definition of living in fear, Congressman. It is the ultimate capitulation to the goals of terrorists. We are allowing them to change our ideals because we fear what they will do if we act with compassion.

We must see those outside our borders as equally human. We must live in a world community if we want to win over those who use fear as a tool of division.

We must stand for compassion, rather than fear.


Tom Sias