Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

To My Congressman: Choose Compassion Over Fear

Congressman Dold,

I respectfully disagree with your position on the issue of Syrian refugees and HR 4038.

We already have screening processes for immigrants and refugees. By refusing to help the refugees from Syria to escape the terror that is taking place there you are giving the terrorists exactly what they want. Your vote on that reprehensible resolution helps to reinforce in the minds of both the American people and those abroad that we favor an "us vs them" position. The American people are "us" and the Syrians being tortured and killed and hoping to escape are "them." We are willing to allow "them" to die by the thousands if there is even the chance of a possible threat to some of "us." That is the definition of living in fear, Congressman. It is the ultimate capitulation to the goals of terrorists. We are allowing them to change our ideals because we fear what they will do if we act with compassion.

We must see those outside our borders as equally human. We must live in a world community if we want to win over those who use fear as a tool of division.

We must stand for compassion, rather than fear.


Tom Sias

Friday, September 18, 2015

Does anyone still read blogs?

Once upon a time, I wrote a blog post.

With the grandest of intentions I created a Blogger account and wrote my first post. (OK. Fine! I didn't actually write a post. I copied a post from my already-existing Tumblr. No need to pick nits!) My plan was to regularly log in and record my thoughts and musings on board games, RPG's, music, philosophy, movies, and whatever else might pop into my head. 

That first post was more than two years ago.

Then silence.

Look at all the dust!

I am Tom's profound lack of follow through.

Fast forward to the now. I'm going to give this another shot. I think I have things to say, and I think some of them might be interesting. So... Here we go.

- Tom

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Things I Enjoy

By way of introduction, I've stolen the following from my Tumblr. It serves as well as anything else as a first post on this particular blog. It is a few words on the things I enjoy, on the strengths of my better self.

Words They are my constant companions. They are my comfort, my weapon, and my toy. I ply them to whatever ends fit the moment, and with very little effort. They are the strength that others always recognize in me, and therefore, the strength I recognize most confidently in myself. There is a solace in confidence. Words give me that solace.

Books This is an extension of my love of words. But it is more than that. I love stories. I love the quiet pleasure of a tale well told. I love the development and interplay of intricate characters. Mainstream fiction, fantasy, Sci fi, Horror. Each has a unique and enjoyable flavor. Reading for the simple joy of the story, or reading for the symbolism that the author may or may not have intended (and who cares which, if it’s there for the reader, it’s real) or reading for social criticism and commentary. I read. And it has made me who I am.

Games Luck is not one of my strengths. In truth, I don’t believe in luck. I believe we make our own luck. However, an astute observer watching me play at dice will be forced to question any skepticism related to the power of luck over the randomness of a gaming table. Despite all of that, I love games. I love the social interaction inherent in board and storytelling games. I love the moments of “OH” when the dice force an unexpected result (either negative or positive). I love the strategy, the tactics, and even the randomness. The gaming table is the place where I turn off my persistent subconscious and truly relax.

Movies and Television In these, we go back to the words. My first loves in visual media are the shows with well crafted characters delivering well written lines. Aaron Sorkin, Joss Whedon [Edit from the future: Our heroes sometimes fall], these are the artists whom I will follow in whatever work they do. That said, I enjoy explosions as much as the next guy. Sometimes action is what is required, and I’ll happily watch Liam Neeson kick the asses of hundreds of bad guys as he cuts a path to whatever goal he has been set in the current installment.

So, it would appear that my primary confidences and my main interests are areas where I can allow others to entertain me. Also, they all relate directly to my love of words. Perhaps I’ll explore what all of that means at a later date.